D O E S   W A K   A C C E P T   R E T U R N S ?


Of course. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you have 14 days from the moment you receive your order to make a return of the products that you no longer want and we will issue you a refund.

Once our warehouse has received the returned products, your refund will be processed immediately. Any delay in the amount of time that it takes to post the refund to your account will depend on the terms of your bank, which are external of We Are Knitters and for which we cannot be held responsible.

Please remember that it is only possible to make a return in exchange for the amount of the returned merchandise and the paid shipping costs. For changes of yarn balls, colors, models or needles, you must make a new purchase on weareknitters.com.

If you have received a defective or incorrect product, please reach out to our Knitter Service team here and they will explain in detail how to complete the return process in a very simple way, without any cost to you.

WAK Return Policy | FAQs

To make a return follow these steps:

1. Inform WAK of your return 

Fill out the form, found here. It is important that you fill it out correctly. Once the form is filled out completely, send it by email to  info@weareknitters.com. You will receive a response from the We Are Knitters team. (Please do not continue with the return without receiving a response).

2. Prepare the package for return

The product must be returned in the same condition in which you received it, in either the box you received, or one that is similar in size. Include the printed return form, completed correctly, within the package.

3. Shipping

Send your package to our warehouse by the postal service that is most convenient for you.  Att: We Are Knitters. 15 Boulden Circle. Suite 200. New Castle, DE 19720

How long will it take for the refund
to become effective?

Within a period of less than 5 business days, after receiving the returned mechandise, WAK will refund the cost for the returned items. Any delay in the amount of time that it takes to post the refund to your account will depend on the terms of your bank, which are external of WAK and for which we cannot be held responsible.

WAK Return Policy

WAK accepts the return of all merchandise, within a period of 14 days from when you received the order, regardless of the reason. 

WAK will refund the cost of the returned merchandise once they receive the products in their facilities. WAK will refund the cost of the returned merchandise, equal to the amount that the customer paid during the purchase of the returned products and the shipping costs. This includes offers, promotions and discount coupons. 

Due to possible variations in stock within the 14 days allowed for a return, it is not possible to exchange products even if the costs of the products are the same. IIf you would prefer a new product, please complete the full return process and create a new order through our website.

During shipping, We Are Knitters is not held responsible for any incident or loss.

WAK is not held responsible if the products that they receive from a return and the products indicated by the customer on the return invoice are not the same. WAK will only refund the cost of the merchandise received. 

WAK will only make a refund for the cost of undamaged merchandise received in its original condition. 

On the other hand, if you have received a defective product, we apology. The WAK team will personally resolve the incident as soon as possible! In this case, you should report the incident to info@weareknitters.com. The WAK team will get in contact with you and explain how to proceed in your particular case.

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