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  • Crochet techniques
  • Petit point

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Basic techniques

Cast On

Cast Off

Knit Stitch

Purl Stitch

Finish strands

Slip a Stitch

Stockinette Stitch

Odd Rib Stitch

Even Rib Stitch

Odd Seed Stitch

Even Seed Stitch

Even Seed Stitch

Increase Stitches

Decrease Stitches

Change Yarn Balls

Join your work

Linen stitch

SKPO (slip, knit, pass over)

Knit two stitches together

SK2PO (slip, knit 2 together, pass over)

How to knit increases II

How to knit increases at the beginning of the row

Advanced techniques

Netted Stitch

Cable Stitch

Neckline and Straps

Bicolor Moss Stitch

Loop Stitch

Pick Up Stitches

Knit Boobles


Bamboo stitch

Herringbone stitch

Blackberry stitch

Tubular bind off

Eyelet stitch (more)

How to cast on quickly

How - To Crochet a Chain Stitch

Single Crochet

Double Crochet

How - To Slip Stitch in Crochet

How - To Increase Crochet

How - To Decrease Crochet

How - To Crochet a Chain Circular

Loop stitch in crochet

The Magic Circle

Camel stitch