Hackney Cardigan

Knitting Kit  -  Easy level What is my level?


Hackney Cardigan

Knitting Kit  -  Easy level What is my level?


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The kit contains:
* 6 skeins of Meriwool
* 2 x 5 mm / UK 6 / US 8 knitting needles.
* The pattern.
* A small knitter's sewing needle.
* Embroidered Label.
* WAK Packaging.

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* For sizes L and XL 1 skein in your chosen color will automatically be added to your order. Your price will be updated to reflect this change.

2$ will be added per skein chosen in sprinkle colors

Merino is known as one of the best and most exclusive wools because of its incredible characteristics, in particular how light and soft it is. it’s like a second skin!

Despite being a fine wool, merino keeps you completely warm because once it has been knitted the fibers, have a unique quality that allow them to maintain your ideal body temperature through better insulation.

What really makes this fiber so special is that you can machine wash it!

For best results and to ensure the longevity of your garment, we recommend to use the “delicate” cycle and especially Downy fabric conditioner; which will help protect them from pilling and fading. Make sure you lay flat to dry.

Enjoy our exclusive colors in your next project to make your ideas come to life.



20 [21, 22, 23 1/2] in = Width
24 1/2 [24 1/2, 25, 25] in = Long


7 [7 1/2, 8 1/2, 9 1/2] in = Width
24 1/2 [24 1/2, 25, 25] in = Long


7 1/2 [8, 8 1/2, 9] in = Width
17 1/2 [17 1/2, 18, 18] in = Long


Our wool, cotton and baby alpaca are 100% natural fibers, without a gram of acrylic fibers. (read more about our products)

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