The Solidarity Octopus - Free pattern


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You’ve never heard of the solidarity octopus?

This little octopus serves to help families whose babies have been born prematurely. This initiative, which was first started in Denmark, encourages us all to crochet these endearing animals with our favorite needle.

This therapeutic octopus helps premature babies to complete their development. Their tentacles resemble the umbilical cord, allowing the baby to interact with the little crochet figurine by wrapping their little fingers around them which then permits the babies to develop as if they were in their mother’s womb.

So what’s the idea?

You just need:

* 1 skeins of 100% PIMA COTTON (100 GR.)

Follow the instructions we offer below, complete the octopus, and all that’s left is to donate it to your closest hospital. In this way you will jump on board this unique and awesome solidarity act.