''I used wak tutorial videos and they were really helpful.''

What's your favorite part of knitting?

Having time for myself. Sometimes I use this time to rethink a problem/topic all over again, and sometimes I don’t even think a thing. It's mediation for me. Another aspect is to create something with your own hands you can be proud of.

What's your favorite WAK kit? Which is the kit you have enjoyed the most?

Definitely the “Sabrina sweater”. It is such a cute design. Since this was my second project, I didn't have much experience those days so that sweater took me a half year to finish. But I enjoyed making progress and getting better :)

Have you ever left a project halfway? Why?

I left a summer lace crochet sweater halfway. I just was too excited for fall and I haven’t had any holiday in plan, so my motivation to finish was gone.

How easy/hard was it?

I “just” needed to refresh my knitting skills because I’ve already learned it in primary school. I used wak tutorial videos and they were really helpful.

Favorite moment of the day to knit?

In the morning with a coffee in the Bad while the window is open to get fresh air. Sometimes I set the alarm extra early to have try morning knitting time.

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